Our Story

At Akua’s Boutique, we firmly believe in  fair trade and fair wages!
Our founder, Theresa Akua Fenn, was born and raised in a third world country. She knows first-hand the struggles that women and their families face in poverty-stricken countries, so she has dedicated her career to making a difference. Theresa firmly believes in empowering women by providing them with opportunities.

Many years of retail experience, a deep appreciation for elegant hand made natural products, and a passion for empowering the less
fortunate are the cornerstones of Akua’s Boutique.

Products for the Greater Good!

We work directly with local artisan women in Madagascar to procure sustainable hand made products. Having formed relationships with many of these local artisans, Theresa understands the positive impact which this has on their welfare and community.   

Make a purchase! Make a difference

“My vision for Akua’s Boutique is to share the elegant craftsmanship of local  artisans from 
Madagascar while providing them with opportunities to improve their lives.”

– Theresa Akua Fenn.