Welcome to Akua’s Boutique!

Akua’s Boutique is a labor of love brought to the Twin Cities by owner Theresa “Akua” Fenn. The store is woman-owned and operated and sells products hand made by local artisan women in Madagascar. Having worked directly with these under-served women, Ms Fenn understands the difficulty many have in making ends meet.

Story Behind Akua’s Boutique.

Theresa Akua Fenn, an artisan business lady understands how hard the world is for women and thus provides them an opportunity to improve their lives. Akua considers art as a gift of nature and uses her passion for generating work for herself along with the dozens of underserved women in Madagascar. Through the sale of these products, Ms Fenn hopes to share a unique culture right here in the United States.

When asked about her purpose, she said, “Magic happens when you give your work a purpose and use your energy to cultivate resources for the one who needs it. The current society of Madagascar demands people to come forward and help the poverty-stricken women and their families. These women can only avoid poverty and get an education by improving their quality of living. With years of experience blended with sophistication and skill in building and designing beautiful hand woven eco-friendly products, I found a way to help these disadvantaged local women of Madagascar, and gladly things turn out pretty well.”

Years of international retail experience, a deep appreciation for the elegance and talent in making these products combined with a passion for offering a hand up to those less fortunate are the cornerstones for Akua’s Boutique.

“My vision for Akua’s Boutique is to continue to provide the producers of these fine products opportunities to improve their daily living.” – Theresa Akua Fenn.

We help women! We empower women! We make a difference!

At Akua’s Boutique, we firmly believe in fair trade and fair wages! Theresa was brought up in a third-world country and she knows first-hand the struggles that women and their families face in those areas of the world. Now, she has dedicated her career to making a difference in the lifestyles and the mentality of these women. Theresa firmly believes in female empowerment and nurtures the attitude that a woman cannot be free unless we as a society join together and give these women a chance to get an education for themselves along with their kids.

Poverty and lack of education are major social problems that can’t be solved overnight or by one single person. However, if we all work together, we will witness how our effort can and will make a difference.

With the purchase of a bag, you give these women and their kids more than just food; you give them hope! Make a purchase! Make a difference!